John Freyer

At TEDxRVA, John Freyer was the only speaker to roll a large tricycle bike onto the stage while drinking ice water from a blue Mason jar. John’s projects have appeared in many places, from New York City galleries to the Richmond Street Art Festival. Recently, he even took his fancy bike and Recovery Roast coffee to Capitol Square and shared a cup with Governor Terry McAuliffe. And next Spring, look for a project of his at the Tate Modern in London. His work involves performance, film and video, photography and social practice. 

It’s a simple gesture of, here is a place to meet and here is a vessel to share water from. . . . This object is a really humble, simple Mason jar that we are all familiar with. People have a conversation over it, they share water from that same vessel and at the end of the conversation they take a token to put in the jar and they sign and seal the lid of that jar. . . . In some ways this object is the same object it was at the start of the conversation and in other ways it’s been transformed by that conversation. . . . Stories are the thing that make one object other than it is. . . . What I want is people to engage with each other and how do I do that?
— John Freyer



Paige hosts the LookSEE podcast and is a freelance audio producer, an art lover, and a lifelong Richmonder. Her favorite place to be is in a museum. A close second is a bookstore.