Privacy Policy

LookSEE, LLC, (herein known as “LookSEE”) values the privacy of the users of the LookSEE website, located at (herein known as “LookSEE Site”). LookSEE does not collect personal information about you—such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address—unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide it.

When you register to use certain areas on the LookSEE Site, we do request that you provide personal information. The information you provide may be shared among internal staff at LookSEE. The information will not be shared with other third party.

If you provide your email address, it will not be included in LookSEE’s mailing lists for communication unless stated. Any email you may receive from LookSEE will contain instructions directing you how to stop receiving further electronic correspondence from LookSEE. If you choose to register and provide personal information, you agree to the terms and conditions, applicable to personal information, contained in this Privacy Policy.

Technical information—such as the date, time, and length of your visit; browser type; and IP address—may be collected and used internally for site management purposes. We can and will use IP addresses to identify a user, in the event it becomes necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use or to protect the LookSEE Site and its users.

LookSEE may place information, known as a “cookie,” on your computer to allow us to identify you, as this information can enable us to better serve you. If you wish to disable the cookies, you may set your browser to do so.

LookSEE reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. Should we decide to make such a change, we will conspicuously post such changes, so you will know exactly what information is being collected, how we intend to use the information collected, whether it will be disclosed to anyone, and how you can participate or not (“opt-in” or “opt-out”) in having this information collected.

 The LookSEE Site provides links to third-party websites. LookSEE is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of those linked sites.

Please read the Copyright Notice and Terms of Use notice for the LookSEE Site. Use of the LookSEE Site is subject to both the Privacy Policy and the Copyright Notice and Terms of Use, which can be accessed by clicking the Terms of Use button in the About section of the LookSEE Site. 

By accessing this LookSEE Site, you accept without limitation or qualification the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and the Copyright Notice and Terms of Use.

We encourage your suggestions and input regarding these privacy issues.