Aaron McIntosh

Aaron McIntosh is a fourth-generation quilter and multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the intersections of material culture, family tradition, identity formation, sexuality, and desire. Using quilting, sculpture, and other artistic practices as a material dialect, he examines images and cultural artifacts to construct his own complicated narrative as a nerdy Appalachian queer guy. He works with found images from print materials ranging from vintage male erotica to modern gay pornography to draw attention to the often murky intersection of personal desires and family institutions and and to openly question our larger social constructions of deviance, shame and heteronormativity. 

I’m trying to furiously grow, like kudzu, stories of queer people from the South. I have a little over 3,200 stories that I have collected and quilted into these leaves. . . . The goal is to . . . overtake gallery spaces and complicated Southern monuments.
— Aaron McIntosh

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