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Coalesce: new figurative paintings and drawings by Miguel Carter-Fisher

  • Eric Schindler Gallery 2305 East Broad St Richmond, VA (map)
Miguel Carter-Fisher_By The Window     2_web.jpg

Coalesce began from a place of intense grief. Having suddenly lost his father, Carter-Fisher needed to find a way to continue to draw and paint. Not having the capacity to plan out more complex compositions, he decided to invite individuals--some models, some friends, some both--to come and pose with little direction from him. This became a liberating exercise in empathy, resulting in figures that still retain the qualities of portraiture. 

Coalesce is a documentation of becoming. It is not the result of conclusions drawn, but an intimate act of creation. It is not a static conceptual framework, but an exploration at the borders of self knowledge. Think of this exhibition not as a noun, but as a verb.