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MASS MoCA is a world renowned center of contemporary art of all natures. Its sprawling galleries and event spaces provide platforms for art feeding all five of the senses. Much of the work shown in the institution's light-filled spaces is made on-site during extended fabrication and rehearsal residencies that bring hundreds of the world’s most brilliant and innovative artists to North Adams all year round. MASS MoCA exhibits art by both well-known and emerging artists, focusing on large-scale, immersive installations that would be impossible to realize in conventional museums. The broad-shouldered, raw industrial character of our soaring galleries has proven both inspiring and liberating to artists. The all-inclusive campus features, among other things, an innovative microbrewery that spotlights locally malted grains and hops grown in the surrounding Berkshire valley.


Clark Institute

The Clark’s mission and its geographical location define three essential aspects of its character and identity: the quality of its art, the beauty of its pastoral setting, and the depth of its commitment to the generation of ideas. The museum opened in 1955, and is one of the few in the nation to have a mission that focuses both on exhibitions and academic research. The collection of the Clark features European and American paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photographs, and decorative arts from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century. The collection is especially rich in French Impressionist and Academic paintings, British oil sketches, drawings, and silver, and the work of turn-of-the-century American artists.


Williams College Museum of Art

The Williams College Museum of Art is a vibrant center for the arts that embodies the potential for the liberal arts college to catalyze our ability to think creatively and critically. It is a vital hub for deep student learning and participation; for taking risks and testing creative, future forms of scholarship and teaching; and for boldly affirming the relevance of the history of art and the arts broadly. Williams is one of the very few institutions of its kind to offer a graduate degree in the History of Art, making its museum an especially dynamic space of forward thought.



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