Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts' Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Art and Education, is a relative newcomer to Richmond, and he doesn't take this jewel of an art museum for granted. He thinks about the ways that museums are changing as people expect to experience the art and the space differently, how contemporary art is front and center, and the importance of enlivening the galleries by challenging the art history status quo.


You know, when I show up at a museum, there’s probably going to be some sort of Duchamp component that I’ll bring. What can I say? He’s the most radical and influential artist of the twentieth century. Of all the artists of the twentieth century, he probably thought the deepest about museums. So my desire has always been to build a Duchampian museum.
— Michael Taylor

Paige hosts the LookSEE podcast and is a freelance audio producer, an art lover, and a lifelong Richmonder. Her favorite place to be is in a museum. A close second is a bookstore.