Leigh Suggs

Leigh Suggs' work tackles the daunting subject of sight, focusing on our unique and personal visual perceptions. Using small components such as hand-cut strips of reflective Mylar tape or hole punches of hologram foil and emergency blankets, Suggs weaves and assembles shapes and patterns that are both seductive and confrontational to the human eye. Her meticulously crafted surfaces create optical playgrounds that provoke acute, constantly changing visual experiences. By creating a kaleidoscope of color, light, reflection and space, she repeatedly aims to "confront the viewer with the question, 'What am I really seeing?'"

I close my eyes. . . and I revel in my private spectacle. Imagery of pulsing, flashing colors fills my dark field of vision, sometimes organized into subtle geometric patterns and other times chaotic firework-like flashes. These visions appear before me as if they are outside of me, projected into eternal space. I cannot control or manipulate them, as much as I might try. They remain for mere seconds and then disappear.
— Leigh Suggs

Caroline produces videos for LookSEE, shedding light on artists’ ways of thinking and making.