Dennis Winston

A printmaker working in stark woodcut prints, Dennis Winston carves images based upon personal experiences. He portrays childhood memories, family members, scenes from his career in the military and higher education, as well as reflections on religion and political activism. Winston consistently rotates and shifts his subject matter from seemingly straightforward moments of everyday life to complex narratives exploring current and historical events. He intends for all of his compositions to spark conversations about our similarities and our differences. “I’ve found through my art that if you get people to look at something, it will help them to see or understand something in a different light,” he states. “Art creates a dialog for diverse views.”

The woodcut allows me to use a bold and direct black and white approach in my work. This is an ordinary medium through which I endeavor to capture telling moments in the lives of ordinary people. It is an attempt to reveal something of their character, the history that has shaped them, and the spirit that sustains them.
— Dennis Winston



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